About the Committee for Interreligious Dialogue

National and global events show the need for good inter faith relations. So often religion is a source of conflict and separation yet it holds the potential for bringing people of faith together to work for a nation and world that is characterised by respect, justice and harmony. Our present Holy Father, Pope Francis, has spoken of the importance of good interfaith relations and has shown us an example of this, particularly in his friendship with Rabbi Skorka whom he invited to stay with him at Santa Marta and accompany him on his recent visit to Jerusalem.

The Committee for Interreligious Dialogue was set up by the Scottish Bishops to:

address questions of an inter faith nature and to advise and represent the Bishops’ Conference in areas of inter faith relations.

alert the Bishops to issues being raised in inter faith relations and to provide a forum  for  discussion and advice to and  from the Bishops

alert the catholic community to the inter faith initiatives being taken by the Pope, the Vatican and the Bishops of Scotland

Identify opportunities for the Catholic Church in Scotland to engage in dialogue
 consider ways of raising the profile of inter faith relations among the catholic community of Scotland and of educating them in inter faith relations.

offer advice and support for inter faith initiatives being undertaken by Catholic parishes 


Office Bearers
President - Bishop Brian McGee

Secretary – Joseph Sikora 

Diocesan Representatives
Aberdeen - Dr Alessandra Cecolin

Argyll and The Isles - Marian Pallister 
Dunkeld - Fr. Steve Mulholland 
Galloway - Sr. Marilyn Juliet 
Glasgow - Dr Duncan MacLaren 
Motherwell - Fr. Charles Coyle 
St. Andrew’s & Edinburgh - Fr Basil Clark 
Paisley - Sr. Maria McGuire 

 Members and Advisors
Fr. John Gannon 

Hugh Foy
Yolanda Matro
Sr. Isabel Smyth

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Bishop Brian McGee, President of the Bishops' Committee for Interreligious Dialogue

Bishop Mcgee

Joe Sikora, Interfaith Officer and Secretary to the Bishops' Committee for Interreligious Dialogue

Joe Sikora
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