Resources for Interreligious Dialogue

At the Threshold - Theology On Film

Perry Schmidt- Leukel, formerly of Glasgow University and  a great friend of the Bishops' Committee, has been involved in producing a series of films on theology and important global issues. See his short film below, and learn more about the project here with links to the other films:

Theology offers a home for the vast and the intimate. No question is foreclosed. Visually immersive, poetic, and global in scale, these short films are narrative and theological portals that invite viewers into a conversation about life and its limits which is as vibrant as it is challenging. This series is produced by award-winning documentary film studio, UNTAMED, and made possible by a grant from the Templeton Religion Trust. Learn more at

Visit the project at YouTube

Women in Religious Scriptures

Watch the first seminar  in the 'Women in Religious Scriptures', held on 7 December 2022

Listen to the dialogue on Mary the Mother of Jesus in the Catholic and Muslim traditions, held on May 6 2022

View the seminar for the International Day for Human Fraternity - Women in Dialogue, held on 13 February

Zoom Conference on Human Fraternity, 1 February 2021

Accompanying Ramadan

Accompanying-Ramadan-Front-Cover a

A booklet written by Cardinal Michael Fitzgerald  to help Catholics accompany Muslims during Ramadan.


Interreligious Marriage

Document published by the "Christian
Muslim Forum" on Marriage, Family and Pastoral Care

Click here to download the document 


CAIRing for Scotland: The Churches Contribution to Interfaith Relations in Scotland


The Christian Churches have played a significant part in setting up and supporting interfaith work in Scotland. Click here to download the story of Interfaith Scotland in Scotland.

Study Guide

A  Study Guide Interreligious Dialogue - The Scottish Perspective is  available for download. Produced in 2011 to accompany the documentMeeting God in Friend and Stranger from the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, it takes up the themes and challenges set out there from our particular perspective of inter faith in Scotland.

Click the documents below to download the booklets.

We have a higher resolution PDF file of the Study Guide suitable for printing (3MB).


Pilgrims of Peace. Pilgrims of Truth

Click below for a video clip of the inter faith service for peace which took place in the Lauriston Jesuit Centre, Edinburgh, in July 2011. It involved all the religious leaders of Scotland in the same week as Pope Benedict XVI had invited leaders from across the world to pray for peace in Assisi.

The prayer service booklet is also available.

Books and Articles
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S. Innis and M. Tolstoy, In the Name of the Other: Papers from a Colloquium from Emmanuel Levinas, Aug. 2018

New Resource
A Journey Together
A Resource for Christian Muslim Dialogue
from the SMA Justice Office

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